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Rebuilt Engines// Remanufactured Engines - Quality You Can Count On

Rebuilt engines (or remanufactured engines) have undergone a complete restoration. This means that the basic block head, crank and connecting rods have been reused but re manufactured to OEM specifications. The pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, oil pump, timing and valve train components have all been replaced with new parts.

Many original OEM manufacturing flaws in the engine can be diagnosed and corrected, thus resolving the engine’s initial reason for failure.  Expect the rebuilt engine to equal or exceed the performance of the original engine as the replacement components are more up to date than the parts they replace. An extensive warranty accompanies each rebuilt engine further instilling consumer confidence in re manufactured engines

Idle equipment represents money down the drain!!!

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Rebuilt engines are sold on a direct exchange basis. Unless you ship your engine to us first, you will be charged a core charge in addition to the purchase price until the rebuildable core is returned to us. We ship nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska. Just call or e-mail us for a freight quote. The cost for the return freight will come out of the core charge so you do not have to pay for it up front.

Engine rebuilding is our business and as times change so must we. The days where any dealership or automotive repair shop would diagnose a problem with relative accuracy and do their best to have just the necessary repairs done to the engine to restore it to good running order, may be very hard to find today. Most facilitates will opt for component replacement rather than repair. It may save the customer a couple days in loss of vehicle usage, but the savings will be eaten up in a larger repair bill-thus enhancing the repair facilities bottom line. We at 5 Star Crankshaft & Engine Rebuilding will continue to reach out to anyone that cares about doing the right repairs to their engines, and using the best components. For a while it looked like the internal combustion engine was headed for the Museum, but for those who can't find a thrill punching the throttle of their Hybrid.....we are here.

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