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We are proud to be Orange County New York's leading Five-Star engine rebuilding  facility. Our commitment to quality service has earned us consistent high marks in customer satisfaction.

5 Star Crankshaft  Diagnostics & Repair is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Our experienced machine shop will keep your engine  running in top condition. We use the latest  diagnostic technology to provide you with high quality service, and quick turnaround.  In fact, our parts department carries a large inventory of in stock parts.  This gets you on the road quickly and safely.  Consult one our friendly representatives for special arrangements. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

High pressure cleaning / Align boring & Align honing / Machining deck surface / Boring & honing with and w/o torque plates /  Crankshaft grinding / Crankshaft Welding & Balancing / Connecting rod reconditioning /  Clearance for stroker crankshafts / Bore & hone Harley Davidson cylinders w/torque plates / Big bore conversions

                             We are Suppliers  for many quality name manufacturer's to the public:

                                               Comp Cams  Cowler  Dart  FelPro  Molly  MSD  Wiseco Pistons



 You won't find a better level of service anywhere in the area!




A Rebuilt Engine Makes Financial Sense

Family economics has shown that the priority of a buying a new car has dropped from 3rd place to 11th place on the list of needs. The average price of a new vehicle today is $26,500 which can be 60 percent of the average family’s yearly income. Buying a used vehicle can cost $9,300 or better. This expense may be a financial burden for some households. With new technology, the life expectancy for most vehicles has greatly increased. Half the vehicles on the road today are 10 years or older. For a few thousand dollars a family vehicle can be equipped with a rebuilt engine, ultimately eliminating the costly options of a new or used vehicle.

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Saving Gas with a Rebuilt Engine

With gasoline prices just below  the $4 per gallon point, motorists can improve the efficiency and save money by installing a rebuilt engine. If your car or truck is in relatively good shape but is having engine problems, a re manufactured engine will help you stretch your dollars at the gas pump and is also a much more cost effective option compared to purchasing another car. For example, if your gas mileage improves by just 2 MPG and you drive 15,000 miles a year you will save 375 gallons. At $3.75/gallon that amounts to a $1,406 per year saving. If your gas mileage improvement is more, a rebuilt engine will save you even more money at the pump

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